Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Reprisal of Love

“I should not look back again”, Mia told herself as he she saw Jules going, she was Mia’s best friend or the only friend in the city. A wave of sadness was over her and a tear rolled down from the corner of her eye. Mia wiped the little drop of tear before it could roll down to her cheeks and started looking for her apartment keys, key to the main door along with her car keys was tugged in a broken heart shaped key chain, Jules has given her the key chain on her birthday last week and the other half was with her. She looks at the keys for a while then grabbed them tightly in her fist as if she was grabbing Jules hand.
Mia started walking towards her apartment which was just one block away from Jules apartment. She opened the door, it was dark and cold, felt a strange loneliness in the apartment thought she is used to live alone from a few years now. She switched on the lights and quickly changed into her pajamas and went to the kitchen to fill her stomach, she had not eaten any thing since this morning, she had forgotten to eat because of the of mess in her mind, she just microwaved a ready made red pasta, while pouring herself some cold drink she was thanking to the manufacturers of ready made food and that she did not require to brush up her cooking skills.
Along with dinner she thought  to read some of her case studies for her presentation but Mia just could not concentrate after reading the every single lines at least ten times, she was lost in the incidents that had happened to her in the last few months, she was used by her boy friend John for just winning a bet, munching some chips she looked in the mirror bending a little bit to the corner of her bed, was she so beautiful that John had to bet on her ?

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